Why Do We Observe Spinal Cord Injury Day?

National and International Days” are celebrated to mark critical aspects of human life and history. On the proposal of its Prevention Committee, International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) has chosen to observe ‘Spinal Cord Injury Day’ on 5th September consistently with the goal of increasing awareness among the overall population. It is being celebrated with a thought that the awareness would encourage a comprehensive life for people with disability and guarantee more prominent chances of accomplishment of the prevention events and programs.


Spinal cord Injury and the resultant loss of motion has to pulverize physical, mental, social, sexual and professional outcomes for the harmed. Furthermore, the damage expands the financial weight on the individual who sustains an SCI and possibly his or her whole encouraging group of people.


According to the insights from the USA, depending upon the seriousness of the condition, SCI can cost a harmed individual USD 334,000 to 1 million in the primary year after the damage. Expenses in each consequent year go from USD 41,000 to 178,000. Furthermore, it isn’t in every case misfortune that causes spinal cord wounds. Much of the time, it is thoughtlessness, carelessness, obliviousness or terrible choices.


The objective of administration is to get the spinal harmed to lead a comprehensive life. As a result of the perpetual quality of inability in complete wounds, counteractive action accepts unique significance. In any case, truth be told, where spinal line damage is concerned, ‘Counteractive action is Cure’.


ISCoS advances the highest standards of care for all spinal cord harmed throughout the world. Through its medicinal and multidisciplinary group of experts, ISCoS attempts to foster research, clinical excellence, and education. Consequently, it is proper for ISCoS to take up such an activity with the capability of having a huge impact worldwide.


The associated social orders of ISCoS will enable ISCoS to execute its action plan across the globe. ISCoS is moving towards world bodies including WHO, UN, UNICEF, and so on to announce 5th September as an official SCI Day.


Most spinal cord wounds can be prevented. The general saying is, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. However, where spinal cord damage is concerned, ‘Prevention is fixing’. One must make sure to visit a doctor if they suffer from any kind of a pain in the back and treat the problem before it becomes severe.

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