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The main cause of Chronic Kidney Diseases


The number of patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Diseases is increasing every day. The biggest cause of this is the impure quality of the food which we eat regularly. The main function of kidneys is to purify and cleanse the blood. According to the kidney specialist doctor, the pureblood is responsible to avoid many diseases and disorders such as:


1. Inflammatory Diseases
2. Gastrointestinal Complications
3. Hormonal Changes
4. Impaired Memory
5. Organ Failure
6. Autoimmune Diseases
7. Skin Diseases
8. Cancer


Therefore, any disturbance in the functioning of kidneys will bring you closer to the above-mentioned diseases.


If you live in Delhi/NCR, fortunately, it is very easy to find the best nephrologist near me. One of the best nephrologist in east Delhi is known by the name of Dr. Tarun Kaushik. He is the best Nephrologist In Dharamshila Narayana Hospital Delhi. He had completed several major operations including kidney transplant in order to provide the best cure to his patients. He has been included in the list of the top senior nephrologist in Delhi and the hospital where he visits his patient is among best kidney specialist hospital in Delhi.


It is very fortunate that in today’s era, anyone can easily find the best kidney doctor in Delhi for his or her respective treatment. Furthermore, he is very gentle and humble and makes sure that his patient is comfortable in sharing his or her health problems.


How to Find the Best Nephrologist in Delhi?


To book online doctor appointment with the nephrologist in Delhi, follow the given steps:

1. Visit and Login (Online Healthcare Platform)
2. Click on ‘Doctors’ from the menu
3. List of doctors will be shown, from there, select Dr. Tarun Kaushik
4. Select the time slot for the appointment
5. Confirm your number through OTP & done 🙂


It is advised to consult the doctor for your Chronic Kidney Disease Care as taking preventive and effective measures after the diagnosing of a kidney issue becomes really important. It can even help you to save your life. Remember that the right choice at the right moment can make a big difference.


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