Is it good to intake sweet during pregnancy?

if your pregnancy craving is on the sweet side our pinky Mishra can help you to manage your diet accordingly, so that you can have the healthiest diet for you and your baby.



Making your craving in under control or not to have it’s very difficult but we can manage to have sweet which have a low impact rather than not to have, isn’t only miserable or un-necessary.

It’s well known that excess sugar is bad for your health, and contrary to popular belief most sweeteners have been deemed secure for pregnancy by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), yet many doctors still ask their patients to stay away from them due to potential toxic effects.

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Natural or nutritive sweeteners, like sucrose (table sugar), honey and fructose have no over potential toxic effects but will cause blood sugar to rise. In some cases, this can lead to miserable weight gain during pregnancy. In women at risk of gestational diabetes, sugar and sugary foods can be detrimental for your baby health. Sugar contains only very little nutrition.

Sweeteners to avoid

When it comes to artificial sweeteners, the real no during pregnancy are saccharin and cyclamate sweeteners.
Aspartame is not recommended due to studies on rats linking it to birth defects. In human studies, however, research has failed to prove it’s dangerous.
Sucralose and acesulfame have been approved as safe during pregnancy, too.
It’s best to stick as much as possible to sweeteners that have a lower glycaemic load or are lower in calories. Most professionals also advise using a variety of sweeteners so no one type of sweetener is consumed in excess.

It’s also always favorable to choose sweeteners that are as close to nature as possible, with artificial sweeteners used minimally. Sweeteners are everywhere, including cold drinks, chewing gums, baked goods, yogurts, sweets, and chocolates − so read food labels and be sure of what you’re consuming. Naturally occurring sugars in fruits can also be used to sweeten foods. For example, use dates, berries, apples or apricots instead of added sugars.

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