How Problem Anger is Ruining Your Health?

Anger is a common characteristic of all living beings to express their strong annoyance about something. It is absolutely normal to feel angry sometimes, however, repetitive and unhealthy episodes of anger is no good. When you have no idea as to what extent should you express your rage or how to control anger then you are making your body vulnerable to many health issues.


This blog focuses on how anger can ruin your health:


Anger invites cardiovascular diseases


Just like worries, fear, and feeling of resentment, too much anger also causes stress. The moment you get stressed, your body releases stress hormones called cortisol and adrenaline. When this happens, the brain restricts the flow of blood to the muscles and gut; as a result, heart beats faster causing a rise in body temperature and blood pressure which in turns causes hormonal imbalance and increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Hostility due to anger can impair pulmonary function


A longer held grudge or anger can turn a person hostile for a person or situation. All of us are aware that smoking can cause lungs diseases, but only a few know that hostility also poses a risk to the healthy functioning of our pulmonary system. In a research done by Harvard University scientists for eight years over 670 men showed that men with highest hostility rating had poorer lung capacity because the rise in stress hormones caused by too much anger resulted in swelling in the airways; hence impairing the normal pulmonary function.


More anger means a weaker immune system


If you are angry for most of the time and do not know how to manage anger then you may feel sick more often. Studies show that in a healthy person, even just recalling an anger episode from the past leads to drop in levels of antibody by six times. Therefore, repetitive negative emotions due to anger are very much responsible to weaken the immune system of the body.


Anger can increase the risk of stroke


If you easily lash out due to anger then you are probably putting your brain prone to strokes. It has been found that the risk of brain clot or internal bleeding in the brain is three times higher after two hours of a raging episode. People with an aneurysm in any of the brain arteries are even six times vulnerable to rupture their aneurysm after an angry outburst.


These points are enough to indicate how anger can wreak havoc on our bodies, but this is not the end. However, what is more, important is to know the causes of anger and strategies for controlling anger. If you feel your anger is beyond control then you must immediately consult a doctor who will let you know the ways of how to control your anger and negative emotions. Though it is impossible to think of a person who does not feel angry at some of the other point in life, anger management is the best way to avoid unhealthy episodes of anger. People who are unable to implement the anger management tips by themselves can seek the help of a psychiatrist doctor to know how to take better care of their anger habits and lead a healthy life.

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