20 Week Pregnancy ultrasound – What Happens & Why?

20 Week Pregnancy ultrasound – What Happens & Why?

Doctors advise to most pregnant women have an ultrasound at around 20 weeks. Medical experts call this an anatomy or morphology scan. this procedure reveals a lot about the fetus’s health and development. 20 week pregnancy ultrasound also indicate certain health risks to the woman and help inform decisions about the delivery. What to expect … Read more

What is a painless delivery?

  Painless delivery refers to the use of an epidural injection which is given by an anesthesiologist for pain relief during labor. It is injected in the lower back, and a plastic tube is placed through which drugs are released around the spinal cord.

Do you poop when you give birth?

  But poop happens, and here’s why: The muscles you use to push your baby out are the exact same ones you use to poop.   In fact, most women do poop during labor.   It can happen more than once while you’re pushing, but it’s most common right before the baby crowns. The bottom … Read more

Does giving birth smell bad?

David Fikkema, however, describes the smell as earthy: “the one item not noted in prenatal classes was the smell; not unpleasant (unless mom poops) but earthy; blood, sweat, tears.” For some women who gave birth vaginally, the labor was very strenuous, enough to break their tailbone or cause perineal and vaginal tears.

Is childbirth the most painful thing?

There is one thing that almost every pregnant woman believes: Childbirth is the worst pain you could ever feel. … However, there are some things that women who have experienced both say hurt more than giving birth. Everyone experiences pain differently, so what might be more painful for one person may not be for another.

Why is childbirth so painful?

  Pain during labor is caused by contractions of the muscles of the uterus and by pressure on the cervix. This pain can be felt as strong cramping in the abdomen, groin, and back, as well as an achy feeling. Some women experience pain in their sides or thighs as well.

How bad does childbirth hurt?

Some women experience pain in their sides or thighs as well. … It varies widely from woman to woman and even from pregnancy to pregnancy. Women experience labor pain differently — for some, it resembles menstrual cramps; for others, severe pressure; and for others, extremely strong waves that feel like diarrheal cramps.